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Our web site  anyket.com, is free to use and free, you can visit when you want.

To start buying products from our website, you need to register with accurate data and create an account with username and password. By registering it is responsible for all operations that realize under your username and password. It is responsible for use and store safely your username and password. If you suspect that someone else is using your username and password, you are free to change or anyket.com notify in writing.

Anyket.com tend to go better every day their services, and increasing its product but can not fully ensure that the website is totally free of bugs. Not entirely sure that the anyket.com web site is compatible with all software, Internet browsers or browsers that exist in the market

We have a duty to ensure that our web site Anyket.com, as much time as possible is accessible, however, can sometimes be out of service for maintenance or failure on servers that manage this website.

Anyket.com you can and will make changes to the website, terms and conditions without notice. It has a duty to read it periodically for such changes. By accessing and operate on our website, you accept the terms and conditions of Anyket.com.


Use of the content, database or any other element anyket.com for any other purpose other trading products with the aim of purchasing in Anyket.com requires written authorization.

All brands and trademarks displayed on this site as well as all logos displayed on this site are property of their respective owners.


At the time of ordering, anyket.com respect the price or prices that were used in the operation. However there is any error in the price or prices result from human error or from our servers, and if more than 10%, Anyket.com notify the client that performed the operation and it is the duty of accepting or rejecting the operation the correct values.

Availability of Product

Sometimes when you are performing an operation to order a product from our web site anyket.com, it may happen that the product is exhausted at the time. It will notify the customer of product status and his decision will wait for our wineries or cancel the order.

In the box Availability of products, you can say one of the following status:

Available: There is the required amount in the warehouse and can be delivered in time mentioned in the Terms of Delivery

By Order: existence is exhausted in the warehouse. Next in order to the supplier, this product can be requested again.

Special Order:

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