Privacy Policy

Anyket has an obligation to protect the personal data of people who choose to visit and register their details on our website. Please note that these data are only used for the commercial management of this website, also for the communication of our products and offers. We do not use this information for personal use, we do not make any commercial agreement to provide data to other companies


Anyket not keep financial information of our clients, such as bank accounts or credit card numbers.

Any person registered on our website, has the right to modify and / or deletion of personal data via our website or through our contact form or email.

The personal information stored on our website is used solely for the commercial management on this website.


By visiting, using and registering your details on our web service, you agree to accept our privacy policies, terms and conditions of use.

You agree to introduce accurate data and properly save passwords for access to prevent misuse of your account.

Anyket is not responsible for any loss of personal data information product from misuse of access passwords that you should keep and use correctly.